About Us

Value Crest Consulting represents a coming together of professionals from various domains, with a common desire to address the gaps that exist in the Human Resources needs of its client organizations. The Canadian HR business is headed by a team of professionals who have a cumulative experience of over 100 years in multiple Human Resources related services.

We serve diverse Industries
Today we serve over 250 companies across N. America in industries as varied as the ones listed in the Industries section.

Our mission

The Value Crest way is aligned to ever shifting paradigm in the 21st century human capital optimization!
Value Crest is a strategic partner in building its client organizations businesses by maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of all stakeholders.
Our mission is to enhance the human resources initiatives, of those we serve by providing the following quality services:

  • Recruitment of qualified individuals by mapping the organizational needs and delivering on a profile match fits.
  • Retention of valuable employees, by assisting in succession planning – across levels.
  • Training, development and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization.
  • Promoting the organizations by way of HR Audits, a safe and healthful working environment.
  • Simulation & support for a high level of employee morale through Learning and Development programs; enabling recognition, effective communication and constant feedback.
  • Assisting with resources for administering benefits, policies and procedures.

These services are accomplished through an ideology of team-work that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts and ensuring a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun!

Our experience

HR Audits 57%